Sunday, March 18, 2012

PC Game : Grand Master Chess III (2012)

Grand Master Chess III (2012)
Language: English
PC | 2012 | Fly Games | 110.65 MB
Genre: Strategy games
Grand Master Chess - chess simulator is designed for beginners, a wide range of chess fans and players of high level.
Besides the usual game modes with a computer, there are additional features:
• Tips for beginners, tips, multi level undo of moves
• Installation of custom products for the analysis of games and parsing combinations
• Problems and built-in, user-friendly editor to create them
• Archive of parties, including more than 400,000 games in the history of chess.
• Flexible configuration of the computer, combining the strength and the ability to play the grand master on equal terms with the players that make the first moves on the chessboard.
• Pre-defined levels of complexity of the child to the grandmaster.
• Selection of sets of figures and plates, over 100 sets.
• Different versions of chess - the standard chess Fischer, playing blindly.
• Convenient save games, import and export items, chess problems.
• Multiplayer, news, chat, ratings
• User-friendly interface, based on its own graphics engine.
• Background music, MP3 player files.

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