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10 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Life in 60 Seconds

Watch This Video to Learn 10 Simple Everyday Life Hacks in 60 Seconds
You may think you know the best way to keep your kitchen clean, remember how to put on a fitted bed sheet, or spit used toothpaste into the sink, but there are better ways to do all of these things and more and you can learn them all from one video in 60 seconds. When you watch the video above, you'll learn the following tips and tricks:
  • Need help waking up in the morning? Do pushups and you'll jump start your day.
  • When you've finished showering in the morning, quickly defog the mirror with hot or cold air from your blow drier.
  • Got a dusty ceiling fan? Put a pillowcase over the blade and pull to clean it in seconds.
  • If you have trouble remembering which way the fitted sheet goes on your bed, mark the tag with the corresponding corner. Mine is a down arrow and a left arrow to indicate the bottom left corner.
  • After brushing your teeth, run the water first and then spit the used toothpaste into the stream so it won't get stuck in the sink.
  • Maybe your home could smell a little better. Just hide bars of soap in stinkier areas to make them smell nice.
  • When doing your laundry, toss a pinch of salt into the wash to keep your colored clothing more vibrant.
  • If you tend to make a mess when cooking in the kitchen, use two bowls for cleanup. One can hold garbage, and the other can hold soapy water for washing everything down when you're down.
  • You can also use two bowls in the microwave to avoid splatter.
  • Finally, if tight spaces are hard for you to clean, wrap a chopstick with a paper towel and bind it with a rubber band. Then you can use the chopstick to clean nooks and crannies.
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Main Bola Keranjang Dalam Keadaan Koma?

MAGGIE mampu melontar bola walaupun masih dalam koma. Gambar kecil, Maggie kembali ke sekolah selepas empat tahun dirawat

TOPEKA (Kansas): Seorang pelajar sekolah tinggi yang terlalu minat kepada sukan bola keranjang menunjukkan aksi luar biasa ketika koma akibat jangkitan kuman di otaknya.
Media semalam melaporkan, Maggie Meier jatuh sakit pada 2008 dan dimasukkan ke hospital akibat tidak sedarkan diri.

Dia kemudian dirawat di sebuah hospital untuk tempoh agak lama akibat mycoplasma meningoencephalitis sejenis penyakit meningitis yang menyebabkan keradangan pada otak.

Bagi mengelakkan kekejangan pada badannya, pelajar Sekolah Tinggi Blue Valley Northwest di Overland Park yang koma selama tiga bulan itu dialihkan setiap dua atau tiga jam.

Laman sesawang melaporkan, keluarga Maggie meletakkan bola keranjang di tangannya ketika dia didudukkan di kerusi roda dalam keadaan koma.

Maggie mengejutkan semua pihak apabila kakinya mula bergerak-gerak, manakala tangannya melontar bola berkenaan, seolah-olah bermain di gelanggang.

Pakar neurologi Maggie, Dr William Graf, berkata aksi melontar bola keranjang itu tertanam di minda pelajar terbabit sebagai sebahagian daripada nalurinya.

Sepanjang tempoh dirawat di hospital, Maggie melakukan beberapa kali lontaran bola sebelum kembali tidak sedarkan diri.

Sejak pulih daripada koma pula, Maggie terpaksa belajar semua aspek asas kehidupan termasuk berjalan, bercakap dan membaca.

Sementara itu, rakan Maggie dan jurulatihnya di sekolah meletakkan kerusi kosong di tepi gelanggang sepanjang tempoh dia dirawat bagi mengenang komitmennya.

Semalam, Maggie akhirnya hadir semula ke gelanggang bola keranjang di sekolahnya selepas hampir empat tahun melalui proses pemulihan.

Kata Maggie, ketika di hospital, dia tidak terlalu memikirkan bola keranjang.

Walaupun pesakit mycoplasma meningoencephalitis boleh pulih sepenuhnya, dalam keadaan tertentu ia mampu menyebabkan kematian. - DM

dari MyMetro

Manuskrip Tamadun Maya

MANUSKRIP tamadun Maya dipamerkan di muzium perpustakaan Saechischen Landesbibliothek, di Dresden,timur Jerman kelmarin.

DRESDEN, Jerman - Satu manuskrip tamadun Maya pada abad ke-13 yang dianggap sebagai salah sebuah buku paling tua di dunia dipamerkan di muzium perpustakaan Saechischen Landesbibliothek di sini.
Manuskrip itu dikenal pasti sebagai satu manuskrip Maya pada tahun 1853.
Sebelum tahun 1853, manuksrip itu yang dibeli oleh muzium tersebut pada 1739 dikenali sebagai Buku Mexico.
Manuskrip tersebut mengandungi 39 muka surat dibuat daripada serat kulit kayu.
Ia mengandungi gambar, nombor, hiroglif, kalendar, pengiraan bintang buruj, bulan dan gerhana matahari selain cuaca.
Hanya beberapa daripada 750 lambang dalam manuskrip itu telah diketahui setakat ini.
Pameran kod Maya akan berlangsung dari 24 Februari hingga 12 Mei 2012. - AFP

Kosmo Online

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Speccy is an advanced System Information tool for your PC

Speccy - System Information

Speccy is an advanced System Information tool for your PC. Need to find out what's inside your computer? No problem! Speccy will give you all the information you need.


What's in your computer? If you're like most of us, you can probably name the processor (Intel or AMD, Celeron or Pentium), maybe how much RAM it has, and maybe how big the hard drive is.
When you go to a computer store and see all the bright shiny PCs laid out next to each other, most will have tags or stickers indicating the:
  • Processor brand and model
  • Hard drive size and speed
  • Amount of memory (RAM)
  • Graphics card
  • Operating system
Two or three years later, when it comes time to upgrade your computer, that tag or sticker may be long gone. Speccy was designed as a free electronic "what's inside" sticker for your PC.

Isn't this information in Windows?
Yes and no. Some of the basic information can be found by right-clicking My Computer and then clicking Properties. The General tab lists some statistics, and the Device Manager on the Hardware tab lists all of the hardware you've got installed. But it misses out lots of information that you need.
Speccy will give you detailed statistics on every piece of hardware in your computer. Including CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Cards, Hard Disks, Optical Drives, Audio support. Additionally Speccy adds the temperatures of your different components, so you can easily see if there's a problem!

Why do I need Speccy?
At first glance, Speccy may seem like an application for system administrators and power users. It certainly is, but Speccy can also help normal users, in everyday computing life.
If you need to add more memory to your system, for example, you can check how many memory slots your computer has and what memory's already installed. Then you can go out and buy the right type of memory to add on or replace what you've already got.
If you're going to be selling your PC, you can use Speccy to quickly list out the components. Or, if you're buying a PC, you can use Speccy to check that the computer has what the label says it has.
Also, Speccy comes in handy for support. If you're on the phone with technical support and they want to know what video card you have installed, there's no need to hunt around Windows. Speccy has all the information on one easy-to-understand screen.


Screenshot :

Speccy first opens with a complete summary of all the hardware in your computer.
Each section in Speccy provides more information about that specific component.
Speccy can also retrieve SMART data from your hard disks so you can see how reliable they are.

The options window allows you to customize the temperature units, and will be expanded to support many more settings.

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Angry Birds Space!

Angry Birds Space (Image courtesy Rovio)

From Yahoo Games News 

Exclusive: ‘Angry Birds Space’ blasting off in March
By Ben Silverman | Plugged In – Fri, Feb 17, 201

They've conquered smartphones and social networks. Next up for the Angry Birds?
The final frontier.
We've got the exclusive scoop on the next official game in Rovio's blockbuster, bird-flinging franchise: "Angry Birds Space." The game is due to smash into mobile devices on March 22.
The fourth major release in the Angry Birds series is a departure in more ways than one. The hook? You'll be lobbing birds on entirely new planets while contending with zero gravity, leading to new gameplay elements like slow-motion puzzles and "lightspeed" destruction. And just like with other Angry Birds games, expect those outer-space physics to be dead on.
"We think fans are really going to love it because we've already gotten amazing feedback on the physics of our games," Andrew Stalbow, GM of Rovio North America, told Yahoo! Games. "They're so accurate and easy to grasp that some teachers use Angry Birds in their lessons about projectile motion."
"Science and education are very important to us, and we're very excited to have NASA and National Geographic as launch partners on Angry Birds Space," Stalbow added.
Though the specifics are still under wraps, Rovio has confirmed that the game will feature some completely new birds alongside some familiar ones, now sporting new super powers. (No word if Hawkman makes a cameo.) The game's three-star level rating system will be back as well.
Rovio considers Angry Birds Space to be their biggest launch since the original game, which has put up some staggering numbers over the years. Since the franchise debuted in 2009, it's been downloaded over 700 million times across various iOS and Android devices, making it one of the most lucrative game properties in the world. The game also helped launch the Google Plus gaming channel, and earlier this week finally flung itself at Facebook.
With Angry Birds Space, however, they're kicking it up a notch by simultaneously releasing the product in mobile gaming, retail, and animation channels, a multi-media blitz that the company believes is a first for a mobile game.  In other words, those Angry Birds toyscostumes, and playsets were really just the beginning. Angry Birds moonbase, anyone?
Rovio plans to announce more specific partnerships -- not to mention more gameplay details -- in the coming weeks via the official Angry Birds Space website. Until then, we'll just have to stare at this teaser trailer:

Get The Angry Birds Space Wallaper Here >>

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Penipuan ‘Boyfriend Online" || Online ‘Boyfriend’ Scammer

Artikel berita dari (Klik gambar untuk paparan yang lebih besar)

Hurmm..tok bukan 1st time kes tok berlaku..sebelum tok tek pun ada..tahun tok rasa-rasanya paling besar...dekat nak sejuta... (kira² sejuta la ya).

Pada sapa² yang mok carik kenalan or gerek (boyfriend) dalam internet ya...hati² la..sik salah mun mok carik kenalan di Online..tapi..sampey "boyfriend" mintak sejuta ya...sikkan nak cayak juak..ermm..cek dolok latarbelakang bila dah kenal..walau pun data peribadi nya mena..real..tapi bila sampey tahap "boyfriend" ya mintak duit...janji macam² better stop terus iboh dilayan gik..rami gik org lain.

Kes tok bukan just untuk perempuan...orang laki pun sama juak, scammer ompuan pun ada hati².

Scammer tok macam² cara ada..ada yang scam makey website..ada yang scam dengan jual barang online..ada scam saham..macam² gik la.

Cara-cara untuk mengenal pasti orang or website ya scammer or real :

1. Periksa Identiti Kenalan / website tersebut.
2. Periksa daftar e-mail kenalan / website tersebut.
3.Jika diberi No.Hp or Telefon sila cuba dapatkan maklumat si pendaftar bagi No. talian yang digunakan sama atau tidak dengan si pengguna No. itu (scammer).
4.Jika diberi No. Akaun (untuk pemindahan wang) sila periksa terlebih dahulu.
5.Bagi yang membeli barang secara online, pastikan membeli dari websita yang mempunyai status si penjual itu boleh dipercayai atau tidak.
6.Jika terdapat maklumat yang meragukan, hentikan serta merta hubungan dengan kenalan / rundingan dengan si penjual dan sebolehnya...sila laporkan kepada pihak yang berkuasa dan SKMM.

Setakat tok jak la yang dapat diklaka pasal scammer tok..kelak mun ada update terbaru..akan di update (^_^). Aoklah..mun nak tauk pasal Scammer lebih lanjut boleh search di Google or Yahoo or Bing "Scammer" / "Scam".

Tok ada sedikit petikkan berita dari myMetro :

RM6,500 hanya dapat plat kereta

SHAH ALAM: Hasrat seorang pekerja kilang membeli kereta baru bagi memudahkan urusan sehariannya berakhir kekecewaan apabila dia diperdaya seorang jurujual kereta dalam kejadian di Seksyen 23, di sini, baru-baru ini.
Mangsa, Mohd Fazli Ambric, 27, berkata, dia berhasrat membeli Proton Saga berharga RM46,000 dan mengunjungi bilik pameran di Seksyen 23 bagi membuat urusan jual beli.

“Ketika di bilik pameran itu, saya dilayan jurujual dikenali sebagai Badrul Hisham untuk membuat tempahan yang memerlukan saya membayar RM500 secara tunai.

“Beberapa hari kemudian saya dimaklumkan bank sudah meluluskan pinjaman kereta itu dan saya diminta membayar pendahuluan RM6,000 bagi urusan dokumentasi. Wang itu diserahkan kepada jurujual terbabit dan diberi resit rasmi,” katanya ketika ditemui di sini, semalam.

Mohd Fazli berkata, jurujual itu menjanjikan keretanya diperoleh selepas Tahun Baru Cina, namun perkara itu tidak ditunaikan, malah jurujual terbabit menghilangkan diri.
Baca berita selanjutnya...

**tok kira Scammer juak la tok...

Jutawan Facebook!! || Facebook Millionaires!!

This image in the IPO filing shows some of the employees likely to benefit. Founder Mark Zuckerberg is pictured centre under the white space.

Last updated at 9:29 AM on 2nd February 2012

The company hopes to list its stock under the ticker symbol 'FB' on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq Stock Market.
In its regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Facebook Inc. indicated it hopes to raise $5billion in its Initial Public Offering (IPO) - a new record for a technology company, surpassing Google's $1.9billion IPO in 2004.

This is a remarkable turnaround for a company which, as its founder explained in a letter attached to the filing, 'was not originally created to be a company', and still uses 'The Hacker Way' to guide its development.
The filing laid bare a number of key facts about the previously secretive firm - and exposed Mr Zuckerberg's strict control over many aspects of the company's management.
The site has 845million active users, and half of them typically visit the site on any given day.

While it may seem that everyone in the English-speaking world has a Facebook account, in fact the site has only penetrated 60 per cent of the market in the U.S. and the UK, and is most popular in Chile, Turkey and Venezuela.

The filing makes it clear that China, where Facebook is currently banned, is the next big target - but expresses doubt that it can craft a censorship policy which would be 'acceptable to us and to the Chinese government'.
Even without access to the Chinese market, and with relatively few users in countries like Japan and South Korea, Facebook managed to make $668million in profit last year, out of total revenue of $3.7billion.
Advertising accounted for 85 per cent of that revenue, but that was less than in previous years thanks to the spectacular success of games company Zynga, which contributed 12 per cent of Facebook's revenue through royalties which amount to 30 per cent of the money spent on Zynga's games via Facebook.
And despite the runaway growth of Facebook since its origins in 2004, amazing power remains concentrated in the hands of one man: Mr Zuckerberg.
Despite owning no more than a quarter of shares, he will control 57 per cent of votes even after the sale of shares to the public.
The company's filing even singled out Mr Zuckerberg's control as a major risk which could jeopardise the company's performance in future - it pointed out that he was able to vote 'in his own interests, which may not always be in the interests of our stockholders generally'.
But he will not prove much of a burden to the company financially - his salary, which was $500,000 in 2011, is set to drop to just $1 next year.


1,000 pekerja Facebook jadi jutawan

Artikel Dari myMetro

LOS ANGELES: Mereka menghabiskan masa bertahun-tahun untuk merancang pengembaraan serba mewah, mengimpikan memandu kereta sport paling mahal dan menetap di apartmen serba lengkap di California.
Kini, ketika proses pengapungan bernilai RM15 bilion Facebook di pasaran saham semakin hampir, sekurang-kurangnya 1,000 pekerja rangkaian sosial berpangkalan di Menlo Park itu akan bakal menjadi jutawan.

Semalam, Facebook mengemukakan kertas kerja kepada pihak berkenaan untuk penawaran penyenaraian awam (IPO) paling ditunggu-tunggu sejak langkah sama dilakukan Google pada 2004.
Tindakan itu dijangka menjadikan syarikat sangat berjaya itu bernilai sehingga RM300 bilion.

Syarikat yang mempunyai 3,000 pekerja itu berharap dapat menyenaraikan Facebook di bawah simbol FB di Pasaran Saham New York atau Pasaran Saham Nasdaq.

Dalam peraturan difailkan kepada Suruhanjaya Sekuriti dan Saham, Facebook Inc membayangkan harapannya untuk mengumpul sehingga AS$5 bilion (RM15 bilion) melalui IPO berkenaan dan ia adalah rekod baru untuk syarikat teknologi di pasaran saham selepas Google mencatatkan nilai RM5.73 bilion pada 2004.

ZUCKERBERG hanya memiliki kira-kira satu per lima daripada saham syarikat Facebook Inc.

Ia menjadi perubahan besar terhadap syarikat yang dijelaskan pengasas dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Facebook Inc, Mark Zuckerberg, dalam dokumen berkenaan sebagai “pada peringkat awal tidak dicipta untuk menjadi syarikat.” “Ia dibangunkan untuk menyempurnakan misi sosial - bagi menjadikan dunia lebih terbuka dan saling berhubung,” katanya.

Zuckerberg juga menyatakan, mereka menanam budaya unik dan pendekatan pengurusan dikenali sebagai “Kaedah Penggodam.” “Ungkapan ‘penggodam’ diberi gambaran negatif secara berlebihan dalam media sebagai seseorang yang menceroboh komputer.
“Hakikatnya, penggodaman bermaksud membina sesuatu dengan pantas atau mencuba batasan kemampuan diri,” katanya.

Dokumen dikemukakan Facebook Inc juga mendedahkan beberapa fakta penting firma banyak berahsia itu, selain kawalan ketat Zuckerberg ke atas pelbagai aspek pengurusan syarikatnya.

Ketika semua pihak menyangka setiap penutur berbahasa Inggeris memiliki akaun Facebook, sebenarnya rangkaian itu baru meneroka 60 peratus pasaran di Amerika Syarikat, Britain dan paling popular di Chile, Turki dan Venezuela.
Dokumen itu menyatakan, mereka menyasarkan China kini mengharamkan Facebook sebagai pasaran besar selanjutnya, tetapi ragu mampu menyediakan dasar tapisan diterima kerajaan negara berkenaan. - DM

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Jutawan Bola Sepak Pertama Negara "Mohd. Safee Sali"

 Gambar dari

 Artikel dari

JAKARTA – Masa depan penyerang sensasi Harimau Malaya, Mohd. Safee Sali bersama kelab Pelita Jaya FC terjawab semalam.Seperti dijangka, pemain kelahiran Kajang, Selangor itu secara rasmi menyambung kontrak selama dua tahun lagi dengan kelab tersebut.
Kontrak dua tahun itu menawarkan pakej bernilai lebih RM2 juta termasuk pelbagai kemudahan seperti bonus tetap perlawanan, rumah, kenderaan, pemandu peribadi, cukai yang dibayar oleh kelab, tiket pergi balik ke Kuala Lumpur yang disediakan oleh kelab dan penghormatan sebagai kapten Pelita Jaya FC.
Nilai kontrak baharu itu bertambah sekali ganda berbanding kontraknya sebelum ini yang berakhir kelmarin (31 Januari 2012).
Pengumuman mengenai lanjutan kontrak Safee dibuat oleh Pelita Jaya FC di Jakarta semalam pada majlis yang turut dihadiri Pengurus Besar Pasukan, Iwan Budianto, Pengurus Pasukan, Lalu Mara dan Safee sendiri.
Pengurus Safee, Zakaria Rahim berkata, dalam kontrak baharu itu, Safee juga akan menerima pakej tambahan image rights di mana pihak kelab akan mengusahakan untuk Safee mendapat commercial endorsement bagi pelbagai produk di seluruh Indonesia daripada syarikat-syarikat yang memerlukan imej Safee bagi tujuan pengiklanan dan pemasaran.

Safee juga akan diberi peluang bermain dengan mana-mana kelab milik penuh Pelita Jaya Cronus apabila ada peluang dan sesuai dengan tempoh pendaftaran yang ditetapkan oleh liga di negara-negara berkenaan.
Selain Pelita Jaya FC, kelab milik penuh Pelita Jaya Cronus, termasuklah Brisbane Roar FC di Australia yang akan bermain di AFC Champions League 2012, CS Vise di Belgium, kelab divisyen dua di Liga Belgium dan SAD Uruguay sebuah kelab remaja di Uruguay.
Pelita Jaya juga mempunyai hubungan yang amat akrab dengan beberapa kelab lain di dunia seperti lima kelab di liga Brazil, antaranya Flamengo FC dan beberapa kelab di Eropah terutama di Belanda, termasuk Ajax Amsterdam FC.
“Pelita Jaya Cronus pernah memiliki sebuah kelab Liga Perdana England iaitu Leicester City FC tetapi telah menjual pemilikannya di sana, namun mereka masih mempunyai hubungan yang amat akrab dengan kelab dan pengurusannya di sana,” kata Zakaria.
Beliau berkata, Safee juga dilantik sebagai Duta Sekolah Sepak Bola Pelita Jaya di Sawangan, Jawa Barat, Indonesia dan Akademi Sepak Bola milik Pelita Jaya, di mana pengurusan Safee sedang berbincang untuk pemberian saham pemilikan akademi itu demi masa depan Safee.
“Akademi ini sudah mempunyai 600 pelajar di Jakarta sahaja dan mempunyai cawangan di daerah lain di Indonesia. Kelab juga bersedia untuk membantu Safee memulakan perniagaan di Indonesia apabila beliau tamat bermain dengan Pelita Jaya atau menamatkan karier profesionalnya nanti,” kata Zakaria.
Pengurus Safee itu berkata, keputusan yang dibuat oleh Safee untuk terus bermain dengan Pelita Jaya adalah satu keputusan yang telah diteliti semasak-masaknya setelah mengambil kira pelbagai aspek dan risiko.
Selain Pelita Jaya, Safee juga mendapat beberapa tawaran lain antaranya Muangthong FC dan Buriram FC di Thailand, empat pasukan dari Malaysia antaranya Kelantan, Negeri Sembilan, Johor FC dan Johor selain pasukan Selangor yang sentiasa bersedia bila-bila masa sahaja untuk Safee kembali ke pangkuan mereka.
Safee juga mendapat tawaran daripada pemilik Cardiff City FC untuk bermain di sana tetapi harus melalui proses bermain bersama kelab di Eropah yang mempunyai afiliasi dengan Cardiff City untuk tempoh sekurang-kurangnya satu tahun terlebih dahulu.
Selain itu Safee juga pernah mendapat tawaran untuk menjalani ujian bersama lima kelab di Jerman antaranya Eintract Frankfurt, SG Dynamo Dresden, namun, atas faktor kecederaan dan mengutamakan persiapan pasukan kebangsaan untuk memulakan kempen Pra Piala Dunia 2011 pada ketika itu, Safee terpaksa melupakan peluang keemasan itu, walaupun masih menyimpan cita-cita untuk bersama salah satu kelab di Eropah satu hari nanti.

**Pastok kompom dapat pangkat Dato' (^_^) TAHNIAH!!! Safee Sali

Mashco-Piro Indians A Lost Amazon Tribe

From News Thu, 02 Feb 2012

First pictures of lost Amazon tribe 

A LOST tribe is captured on camera for the first time — before vanishing back into the Amazon rainforest again.

The Mashco-Piro Indians of Peru lined up along a riverbank to beg for cooking pots from passing boats.
They are believed to have finally rumbled the outside world as their jungle hideaway increasingly falls victim to loggers and firms drilling for oil and gas. The natives' strange tongue was unintelligible to all but a lone villager in Madre de Dios — an Indian himself.
But after befriending the tribe they shot him in the heart with a bow and arrow. An exasperated archaeologist said: "Now that he's dead it's impossible to make contact." 

Article from

Up close one year later: startling new photos of uncontacted Indians released

Today's photos are the closest sightings of uncontacted Indians ever recorded on camera
© D.Cortijo/

Survival International has released close-up pictures of uncontacted Indians, exactly a year after aerial photos from Brazil astonished the world.
The new photographs taken in south-east Peru show an uncontacted family from the Mashco-Piro tribe.
The Mashco-Piro are known to inhabit the Manú National Park, but sightings of them have increased in recent months.
Many blame illegal logging in and around the park and low flying helicopters from nearby oil and gas projects, for forcibly displacing the Indians from their forest homes.
The Mashco-Piro are just one of around 100 uncontacted tribes in the world.
Exactly this time last year, Survival’s release of pictures of a healthy community of uncontacted Indians in Brazil was widely reported.
Today’s photos are the most detailed sightings of uncontacted Indians ever recorded on camera.
This Mashco-Piro man is holding a wooden-handled knife tipped with a capybara tooth.
© D. Cortijo/

But the danger of contacting tribes who choose to remain isolated was reaffirmed by the recent death of an indigenous Matsigenka man.
Nicolás “Shaco” Flores was shot by an uncontacted tribe’s arrow near the Manú National Park in Peru. He had been leaving food and gifts for a small group of Mashco-Piro Indians for the last 20 years.
Glenn Shepard, an anthropologist and friend of the victim, wrote in his blog and in Anthropology News, ‘Shaco’s death is a tragedy: he was a kind, courageous and knowledgeable man. He believed he was helping the Mashco-Piro. And yet in this tragic incident, the Mashco-Piro have once again expressed their adamant desire to be left alone’.

Nicolás “Shaco” Flores was killed by an uncontacted tribe in Peru after attempting to contact them.
© D.Cortijo/


Beatriz Huertas, a Peruvian expert on uncontacted tribes, told Survival the case is ‘unusual, complex and extremely delicate’.
‘Contact could happen at any time,’ Huertas said, ‘we must implement preventative measures and a contingency plan with local authorities as soon as possible to ensure this does not happen again.’
Last year Survival wrote to SERNANP, Peru’s Ministry for Protected Areas, expressing its concern at a video showing tourists leaving clothes for the Indians on riverbanks.
The area was subsequently closed off to tourists and an emergency warning issued to local residents.
Many blame illegal logging in Manú National Park for displacing the Indians from their homes.
© G. Gali/

Indian Affairs Department INDEPA plans to set up a guard post to protect both local people and the uncontacted group.
Survival’s Director Stephen Corry said today: ‘One year later these photos provide yet more overwhelming evidence of the existence of uncontacted tribes. It is no longer acceptable for governments, companies or anthropologists to deny this. First contact is always dangerous and frequently fatal – both for the tribe and those attempting to contact them. The Indians’ wish to be left alone should be respected.’

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Bunyi Aneh di Kota Samarahan" adalah bunyi dari kilang minyak sawit? || "Strange sound at Kota Samarahan" is sound from palm oil mill?

Gambar Hiasan

Tok da update pasal bunyi aneh yang kedengaran di kota samarahan pada 11 & 12 januari 2012 riya. Menurut kajian yang telah dipolah cdak Jawatankuasa Siasatan Ngauman Langit yang ditubuhkan kerajaan (Sky Roar) bunyi ya tek tegal aktiviti kilang sawit milik FELCRA di Kampung Endap,Kota Samarahan,Sarawak.

Jawatankuasa Siasatan Ngauman Langit dah molah beberapa kaedah siasatan seperti menemu bual saksi-saksi kejadian,mengenal pasti sumber potensi punca bunyi,membuat siasatan berkaitan,mendapatkan khidmat pakar tempatan menganalisis audio bunyi berkenaan dan analisis maklum balas yang diterima dari orang ramai.

Penolong Pengurus kilang sawit ya, Yusmizan Des madah "pihak kilang menjalankan penentukuran (setting) dan pengujian tekanan dandang secara auto yang mengakibatkan pelepasan wap akibat lebihan tekanan dandang secara berkala yang mana proses tersebut telah menghasilkan bunyi yang didakwa sebagai ‘ngauman langit’ oleh penduduk setempat.Pelepasan tekanan dandang adalah bagi tujuan mengekalkan tekanan dandang pada nilai yang telah ditetapkan semasa aktiviti pemprosesan kelapa sawit."

Corong lepasan wap tek cun nuju arah kampung tempat saksi nengga bunyi ya. Cdak da molah demonstrasi balit penghasilan bunyi pelepasan wap dandang ya tek oleh pihak kilang telah disaksikan dikpun oleh jawatankuasa ngan saksi berkaitan dan kesemua mereka berpuas hati dengan persamaan bunyi proses ya ngan rakaman ngauman seperti yang telah dilaporkan sebelum tok.

Tapi cdak masih molah siasatan untuk mendapatkan bukti secara saintifik pakey mengesahkan agik punya bunyi ya tek. so setakat tok..penduduk Kota Samarahan sik perlu la binggong gik pasal bunyi ya.

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Rumble just sound from palm oil mill, after all

Posted on February 1, 2012, Wednesday

KUCHING: The so-called ‘rumble in the sky’ over Kota Samarahan near here on Jan 11 and 12 was explained by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation as the whistling sound of steam released through a vent in a Felcra palm oil mill.

It said the whistling sound was due to steam which the factory released to the air in the wee hours of Jan 11 and 12 when it was in operation.

This was confirmed by the deputy general manager of the factory Yusmizan Desa when a team of investigators from the department, National Space Agency and Meteorological Department came to see him.

However Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Fadillah Yusuf in a press statement yesterday said he was still cautious.

He described the explanation provided by his team of investigators and the factory located at Kampung Endap as only based on their initial finding.

The probe was made following public queries and suspicions that it was supernatural.
Among the claims by residents were that the sounds were linked to an earthquake that occurred on Jan 11 in Sumatera and effects of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) conducted by the US to study change of weather pattern.

The probe team, Fadillah said, used various methodologies including interviewing witnesses, identifying the possible sources, getting opinions from local experts over the sounds, getting feedbacks from the residents again and follow-ups.

The factory was also required to conduct several demonstrations of the processes they did on Jan 11 and 12.

The rumble in the sky was the talk of the town and various versions were put forward by residents when explanation was not done immediately.


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