Friday, February 27, 2009

TELUK BAHANG Fisherman Found This, Newspaper Not Allowed ToPublish!

"TELUK BAHANG Fisherman Found This, Newspaper Not Allowed ToPublish!"
Fuhhh...nice title!! well..ya lah subject email nak ku dapat ari tok dari kawan ku...
mok tauk pasal pa?? read the title again...then diat gambar-gambar tersebut :

so..dah perati mena-mena pic ya tek?? aku dapat tok dalam email aku..send oleh kawan ku..actually email nak men foward2 ya...ermm...
kenak aku post lam blog?? of coz mok dapat kepastian and kebenaran....(macam berita pasal ular besar ya..)
nasib bait tajuk email ya madah "Newspaper Not Allowed ToPublish!" xsalah la aku publish lam blog :)
aku ada rasa pelik and sangsi dengan cerita tok..coz..mun nang mena cerita tok mena..knk cdak newspaper xboleh publish berita pasal penemuan tok?? :)
well..come on semua...readers-readers blog Nembiak Bujat...leave the comment...get the true story!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009



MicroWorld, the leading AntiVirus and Content Security solution provider, has been awarded VB100% certification for its soon to be released product, eScan Version 10 from Virus Bulletin, a leading UK based malware & spam prevention, detection and removal magazine.

Winning the VB100% certification for the 17th time has proved MicroWorld’s consistency in detection and removal of all kinds of malware. The continual VB100% certifications makes eScan Version 10 a part of the prestigious circle of Anti-Virus solutions that have managed to detect 100% of the viruses in the wild, without any false alarms time and again. eScan Version 10 withstood the rigorous testing methodologies of VB100% and had a 100% detection record in all malware categories with no false positives.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Govind Rammurthy, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, MicroWorld, said, “At MicroWorld, our products are specially designed keeping in mind the security requirements of our customers. By winning this prestigious certification for the 17th time, eScan Version 10 has proved the consistency of our product excellence, thereby, creating a new level of perfection for the industry to follow.”

Mr. Sunil Kripalani, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, MicroWorld, said, “We, as a company, believe in giving 100% to our customers and we do this by providing 100% quality in all our products. Repeated international recognition of this nature fuels our enthusiasm and reinforces our quality commitment. We strive to create new industry benchmarks in terms of quality and perfection and will continue to do so through our latest innovations.”

The VB100% award is designed to test a product’s capabilities to detect all current in-the-wild threats on the platform under test, with no false positives detected and to scan the speed of the product under test. Due to their use of rigorous testing methods VB100% has become the de facto standard in the industry for measuring the quality of an antivirus solution. Products which detect all the viruses in-the-wild, without false alarm, are given the VB100% certificate.

The stringent product testing methods combined with Virus Bulletin's commitment to reporting performances exactly as they are found makes the VB100% a coveted award, vendors strive to achieve. By virtue of winning this certification, eScan is now nominated for this prestigious award for the 17th time. The awards will be announced on the 19th Virus Bulletin International Conference (VB2009), which will be held on 23-25 September 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland.

So its true..

The products have been released ONLY for XP, Vista & Windows 7 (beta). It will support upgrades from all earlier supported eScan versions - but as always (considering the number of builds, hotfixes and upgrades present out there), we will recommend that you uninstall any earlier versions and then install the new one.

Link for ISS[internet security]

Link for AV



Goku’s lifelong love interest, Chi Chi, is an attractive, tom boy-ish young woman who has grown up with Goku. She has studied martial arts and has always suspected that Goku possesses talents that are unusual and extraordinary. However, Goku is considered uncool and unpopular at school. He is in fact an extremely talented martial arts fighter who gets rigorous training from his grandfather, Gohan. Gohan looks like he's in his 70s but moves like Jet Li. An accomplished martial artist who trains Goku on the bow staff, he loves his grandson and is happy to prepare a special feast for him on his 18th birthday, as well as a special gift: a 3 star Dragon Ball. Tragically, Gohan is struck down by the high ninjas of the Namek-Jins, and as he dies he sends his grandson out to do face his destiny and do battle against them...Lord Piccolo, commander of the Namek-Jins, is searching the globe for all of the DragonBalls, leaving nothing but destruction in his path...However, hope lies within an old hermit, Master Roshi. This older man is a good friend of Goku's grandfather, Gohan, and Goku comes to enlist his help after his grandfather is killed. Although he looks like a beggar, Roshi is one of the world’s most fearsome fighters. Master Roshi begins Goku's rigorous training to prepare him for the adventure of finding and fighting for the seven Dragon Balls to save the world.

Once upon his journey, Goku befriends many helpful allies. One such allie, Bulma, is a determined, competitive young woman whose father's five star Dragon Ball was stolen by Lord Piccolo, and who believes that she can harness their unlimited energy and change the world like Edison or Einstein. Bulma, who has a DBE (a Dragon Ball locator device), teams up with Goku, and with him meets up with Master Roshi as they attempt to collect the missing Dragon Balls before Piccolo can destroy the world. Goku, Bulma and Master Yoshi, upon their search for the DragonBalls, become trapped in a sand cave. A dashing young man, Yamcha, sees them in destress. Rather than helping them with his rope ladder, he taunts them....trying to pull off a bad-boy persona. However, after overhearing Master Roshi's tale of Piccolo once nearly destroyed the Earth and are preparing to do so again, Yamcha has a change of heart and not only helps the three in the desert, but becomes a valuable part of the team. An ingenious young man whose utililty truck is the Swiss Army Knife of trucks--every tool and gear imaginable sprouts from its body--Yamcha joins Goku, Bulma (with whom he becomes romantically involved) and Master Roshi on their quest to find the seven Dragon Balls before Piccolo...Chi Chi meets up with Goku and his crew at a tournament of champions where their mutual attraction finally heats up during a training session.

An ancient being with a humanoid appearance, Piccolo is from an alien race determined to take over the world. Piccolo is the cursed ruler of a demonic race who nearly destroyed Earth 2000 years ago, and with the coming of the eclipse and the possession of all seven Dragon Balls, he's prepared to free himself and do the job right this time. Crafty and smart, Piccolo has some disturbing news for Goku, namely that the boy is actually a Saiyan who's destined to join Piccolo as his right hand in destroying and enslaving the planet. Mai, Piccolo's trusted ally, uses her ability to shapeshift near the climax of the movie and takes on the form of Chi Chi, a young martial arts expert who's romantically involved with Goku and later saves Piccolo from Master Roshi's curse; once she is revealed she ends up in the fight of her life.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crazy Chicken Kart Thunder

Crazy Chicken Kart Thunder

Crazy Chicken Kart Thunder RIP File [ size : 275 MB]

Eight big cities of the world become the setting of the fastest sightseeing tour in history when seven chaotic kart drivers thunder through the streets. Whether it?s Sydney, Las Vegas, Berlin, Beijing or St. Petersburg, no city is safe from Crazy Chicken and his friends! Plus for the first time ever you can tune your kart the way you want, from paint and enhanced engines to sleek spoilers.

* 8 exciting cities to race through
* 7 quirky characters from the Crazy Chicken family
* 3 exciting kart events to prove your skills in Career Mode
* Pit Stops
* Multiplayer ? 2 players, or via LAN ? 5 players
* High score table
* Power-ups including rocket, turbo, oil-slick and shield!

System Rquirements:
* PC Operating System: Windows XP (Service Pack 2) / Vista
* PC CPU Type and Speed: Pentium IV 1.4GHz or equivalent
* Hard Drive Space (MB): 840MB
* Memory: 512MB
* Graphics: NVidia GeForceTM 6 series or higher / ATI RadeonTM 9600 or higher*
* Audio: Any soundcard

Whats Ripped?
Nothing...just highly compressed
Installation Instructions:
1. Unrar and run "setup.bat" to unpack data


**Attention!!..All the infomation and download link is provide by others uploader...
**Perhatian!!..Smua infomasi and link2 download atas ya, adalah daripada uploader lain...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

10 Kebaikan Coke...Cubalah!!!

10 Kebaikan Coke...Cubalah!!!

Cubalah terai dan buktikan secara saintifik.

" Fakta seperti yang tersenarai dibawah adalah kajian
santifik yang dibuat oleh ahli sains kesihatan/so di USA dan Britain
serta laporan dari seluruh dunia mengenai minuman ringan Coke : Coca Cola."

Di dalam kebanyakan negeri di US , kereta peronda lebuhraya akan dimuatkan
2 gallon Coke untuk menghilangkan kesan darah di jalanraya apabila berlaku
kemalangan. Cam pasukan SMART dan bomba kita tu, Harzadous Team. Cuba
tanya Plus Ronda atau Lebuhraya, adakah mereka guna?

Anda di rumah diharap dapat mencuba kajian ini :

____________ _________ _________ _________ _______

1. Masukkan tulang dalam satu mangkuk yang diisi Coke, ia akan hancur atau
hilang sama sekali dalam masa 2 hari. Elok untuk yang berniaga sup tulang!
____________ _________ _________ _________ _______

2. Untuk mencuci tandas : Masukkan setin air Coke dalam tandas dan biarkan
selama 1 jam dan kemudian 'flush'. Kesan kotoran/hampas akan hilang dari
tindakan 'citric asid' yang berada dalam Coke. Satu bahan gantian untuk
mencuci kalau sabun dah habis! Rasa-rasa buat sabun badan boleh tak?
____________ _________ _________ _________ _______

3. Untuk menghilangkan kesan karat dari bumper kereta jenis chrome : Lap
bumper dengan aluminium foil yang dicelup dengan Coke. Kesannya karat
____________ _________ _________ _________ _______

4. Untuk menghilangkan kesan 'corrosion' atau hakisan pada skru/nat bateri
kereta : Tuang saja setin Coke pasti kesan hakisan hilang serta merta.
____________ _________ _________ _________ _______

5. Untuk melonggarkan skru yang berkarat dan ketat : Sekali lagi tuang
setin Coke, skru tersebut pasti longgar dan boleh dibuka.
____________ _________ _________ _________ _______

6. Untuk menghilangkan kesan minyak/lekit dari pakaian : Tambahkan setin
Coke dalam mesin basuh bersama sabun pencuci dan basuh macam biasa. Kesan minyak tu pasti hilang. Kemudian bolehlah minum air basuhan tadi berperisa coke.
____________ _________ _________ _________ _______

7. Cermin kereta anda berdebu/kotor/ melekit ? Celup tuala dengan Coke dan
lap. Pasti bersih. Tak payah guna tin sembur cuci cermin cam jual di
Yawata tu kerana ianya amat mahal!
____________ _________ _________ _________ _______

8. Bahan aktif Coke adalah phosphoric asid. Ia mempunyai pH 2.8. Ia boleh
meleburkan sebatang paku dalam masa 4 hari. Kilang Perwaja/besi mesti suka

Asid tersebut juga menghakis kekuatan tulang belakang dan tulang lain
dalam badan yang merupakan punca utama kearah penyakit osteoporosis.

Sila lihat lori yang membawa air sirap Coke dalam lori tangki,[ bukan lori
yang bawa Coke siap dalam botol/tin] pasti dilengkapi dengan tanda amaran
"Bahan Kimia Bahaya" atau"Bahan Penghakis : bahaya". Lori tangki itu juga
diselaputi bahan penghakis hakisan untuk mengelak lori tu dihakis. .
Tolong jangan letak/parking kereta berhampiran lori tangki yang ada tanda amaran tu, silap-silap tengah bawak kereta, putus 2 sebab hakisan/karat.

Para pengedar minuman Coke telah menggunakannya untuk mencuci bahagian
enjin lori/trak mereka sejak 20 tahun. Wahh...mesti buat overhaul ni!
____________ _________ _________ _________ _______

9. Kandungan gulanya 18 sudu cawan teh satu tin Coke. Cuba try bancuh
kopi/teh dengan 18 sudu gula tu kat rumah dan minum mesti termuntah tapi
tambahkan citric asid, mesti muka tersenyum. Tambah pula dengan ais!.
Rasa cam minum Coke berperisa kopi. Asid tersebut akan bertindak terhadap
lidah untuk memberi signal kepada otak bahawa air yang diminum tidak
berapa manis. Lidah ngan otakpun kena tipu. Semua minuman ringan menggunakan id yang sama. Tak kiralah Pepsi. 7-up, Drinho, Yeos, Milo , F&N dll. Sama jer! Anak bapak dan Keluarga 69.

Coke membawa maksud dadah Cocaine. Asal minuman Coke adalah dicipta untuk menghilangkan rasa letih dan mengkhayalkan untuk para pekerja buruh. Cam candu masuk China dulu. Antara isi kandungannya adalah ekstrak dari daun coca [cocaine] dan kacang Cola. Tu yang mai perkataan CocaCola tu.

Cuba rendamkan gigi [gigi yang patah ker tapi kalau nak rendam gigi dalam
mulut tu pun boleh gak] dalam satu mangkuk Coke, pasti gigi tu
hilang/lebur dalam masa 24-49 jam. Yang mana sakit gigi, try cara ni, kot-kot gigi tu bleh hilang!

Kalau anda tak suka minum kopi tapi suka sangat minum Coke, sama jer! Anda
minum Caffein, bahan yang sama dalam 2 minuman tersebut.
____________ _________ _________ _________ _______

10. Di India, negeri Andhra Pradesh dan Chattisgarh secara spesifiknya,
para peladangnya menggunakan Coke sebagai semburan untuk membunuh serangga perosak dalam ladang kapas dan cili mereka. Jadi racun seranggalah pulak.
Saper ada tanam pokok cili kat rumah tu, semburlah Coke untuk bunuh
serangga. Cili tu rasa pedas manis berperisa coke kot? Cubalah!
____________ _________ _________ _________ _______
____________ _________ _________ _________ _______

Syarikat Coke dimiliki oleh pelabur berbangsa Yahudi 100%. Kat Mekah ada
Mecca Cola. Betul ker? Yang pernah pi Mekah bleh confirm kot?

Jadi, sambil-sambil kita minum Coke tu, bolehlah pada masa yang sama cuci
cermin kereta, cuci baju, buka nat skru, cuci tandas , sembur serangga

Rupa-rupanya Coke ni boleh dibuat bahan gantian emergency jika bahan
cuci/pelincir/ penghakis habis kat rumah. Semua fakta diatas anda boleh
cuba sendiri dirumah jika tak percaya. Yang mana tak pass sains khasnya kimia
dulu masa sekolah bolehlah buat eksperimen sains kimia ni kat rumah.

Tepuk dahi tanya hati....nak minum ke tak? Saya pun minum sekali sekala!
Sama-samalah kita bercoke sambil singgah KFC [Syarikat Yahudi gak!!], time
raya, time parti, time kenduri, time bola piala dunia dll.

Terima kasih kerana memberi masa untuk membaca. Rajin membaca pasti berjaya. Luang-luangkanlah masa untuk membaca.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Upin dan Ipin

Bagi teman-teman yang ingin membuat siri koleksi video animasi Upin dan Ipin untuk putra-putri tercinta, silakan download dari server komuniti sharing video berikut

(silakan klik pd. thumbnail tersebut).

Kini penampilan istimewa upin dan ipin yang mendapat sambutan ramai orang dengan cerita animasi upin dan upin belajar puasa serta upin dan ipin setahun kemudian. kali ini mereka ke pawagam pula dalam cerita misteri hantu durian. Nampaknya kena memburu penunggu durian pulak jadinya mereka semua ini. Geng the movie pengembaraan bermula. Pengembaraan memburu hantu durian daaaa….

Saksikan penampilan sulung geng the movie di pawagam berdekatan dengan anda.SoKong Animasi Negara Kita!!

Kini Selamat menikmati…

Friday, February 13, 2009

What does your car number means in Chinese!

Do you know that some of our Chinese friends are very particular about their car registration number. Those who are very rich are willing to bid hundreds of thousand just to secure a number that really ‘nice’. The ‘nice’ number will either to show their reputation or simply hoping that it will bring them luck and prosperity.

Walaupun saya adalah local sabahan, tetapi dialek Hakka merupakan bahasa pertuturan ke 2 dalam rumah saya. Oleh yang demikian, di sini, saya cuba memberikan erti setiap nombor berdasarkan kepada terjemahan daripada bahasa cina dialek Hakka.

1 = Saya
2 = Kau / Awak
3 = Hidup
4 = Mati
5 = Tidak
6 = Masuk
7 = Terus
8 = Kaya
9 = Lama
0 = Sejuk

Oleh yang demikian, nombor kereta 7458 bererti ‘terus mati tidak kaya’.

Just for fun, check ur car number!

Just for FUN..Fun for share ..KOmpom lawak bunyi nye..

Rela Buat Apa Saja

WASHINGTON 12 Feb. – Terdesak akibat tekanan hidup berikutan kelembapan ekonomi global, rakyat Amerika sanggup menjual apa sahaja termasuk rambut, sperma, mahupun plasma darah bagi memperoleh wang.

Trend itu dapat dilihat dengan kewujudan laman-laman web yang menawarkan khidmat nasihat bagi menggalakkan orang ramai menderma plasma darah, sperma, atau rambut yang dikatakan boleh membantu menyara hidup.

‘‘Saya menghadapi masalah untuk membeli makanan, membayar sewa, bil, insurans dan ansuran kereta. Wang yang sedikit pun dapat membantu saya, walaupun hanya AS$10 (RM36).

‘‘Saya sedia menerimanya. Saya tidak terfikir akan melalui keadaan sesak ini, namun saya terperangkap,’’ kata seorang wanita bernama Emily kepada pengasas laman web, Phil Maher. –AFP

Tok baru permulaan 2009 di Amerika.. kita M'sia tok jual anak pun ada.. fikir2 kan lah


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ular Besar Menyusuri Sungai Baleh is FAKE??!!

Tok update dari post nak pasal "Ular Besar Menyusuri Sungai Baleh!!". Selepas dipost berita ya dalam blog tok..ada salah seorang pembaca nick "Simek" madah gambar ular besar ya bulak (Fake)...gambar asal nya dipercayai diambik dari video dalam web Youtube. Ok..diat dikpun keduak-duak gambar ya. Kitak org pun nilai kan kesahihan berita pasal ular besar ya.


gambar dari video Youtube
Link :

macam ney org ya molah pic ular besar sungai baleh ya?? well..everything can with Adobe Photoshop...
So..apa kata kitak orang? salahkan penulis berita yang molah berita tanpa usul periksa or salahkan org yang rasa terrer ngan Photoshop nya ya..huhuhu...leave komen okay..
Thanks for reading this...

**Simek..thanks for the infomation... (+_-)

New Update...Dust Edit Vs Fake Pic From Utusan :)


aku rasa nak di edit ku ya perfect gik..hahahaa...

Ular Besar Menyusuri Sungai Baleh!!

Ular Besar Menyusuri Sungai Baleh!!
Sibu, Selasa - Percaya atau tidak?. Ahli Jawatankuasa Bencana Bahagian Sibu yang memantau keadaan banjir di hulu Batang Rajang disini baru-baru ini terserempak dengan satu makhluk ajaib dipercayai ular besar merenangi sungai terbabit. Bagi mengesahkan kesahihan apa yang ahli jawatankuasa itu lihat adalah ular besar yang sebenarnya, salah seorang daripada mereka menyerahkan gambarnya yang dirakamkan menggunakan kamera telefon bimbit pada 31 Januari lalu.
Gambar itu diambil sekitar jam 5.30 petang di sebatang anak sungai Baleh semasa mereka menaiki helikopter menuju ke hulu Batang Rajang dari sini bagi memantau keadaan banjir di sana. Menurut Chuat Radin, dalam bahasa Iban makhluk ajaib itu mereka kenali sebagai 'Nabau' dan ia kelihatan dengan jelas sekali semasa merenangi sebatang anak sungai Baleh.
Beliau menganggarkan ular besar itu sepanjang lebih 100 kaki dan sebesar tong 'drum' minyak dan semasa ahli Jawatankuasa Bencana Bahagian merakamkan gambar berkenaan keadaan cuaca agak kelam sedikit dan berkabus.
Sudah banyak kali mereka menaiki helikopter bagi urusan rasmi ke hulu Batang Rajang dan ini adalah kali pertama mereka terserempak dengan ular sebesar itu, katanya.
Menurut Chuat, semasa merakam gambar terbabit, helikopter yang dinaiki terbang pada ketinggian kira-kira 1,000 kaki dan atas sebab itu gambarnya kabur sedikit.

Petikan berita diambil dari UTUSAN SARAWAK Rabu 11/02/2009
Berita ditulis oleh : IBRAHIM GANI

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AVG Anti-Virus 8.0.234 Build 1426

Get complete protection from the most dangerous threats on the internet - worms, viruses, trojans, spyware, and adware.
Antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows from the world's most trusted security company. Use the Internet with confidence in your home or small office.

AVG Antivirus is one of the most complete programs we have found to date. It includes many new options to make it one of the most effective virus scanners on the market. It is still plagued by horrible slowdowns at times. Even things so simple as just typing an IM can be stopped for several seconds for some reason. If you can get passed the occasional slowdowns of your computer, the scanning functionality of AVG Antivirus 8 is top of the line. With the rewrite of the scanning engine, AVG includes multi-processor support. That dual core processor you bought is actually going to start getting a workout now. AVG also includes support for Windows Vista and the 64 bit versions of Windows XP and Vista.

* Easy to download, install and use
* Protection against viruses, spyware, adware, worms and trojans
* Real-time security while you surf and chat online
* Top-quality protection that does not slow your system down
* Free support and service around the clock and across the globe
* Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP


Size: 58.6 MB

Size: 58.6 MB

download AVG Anti-Virus 8.0.234 Build 1426 (English)

download AVG Anti-Virus 8.0.234 Build 1426 with Firewall (English)

download AVG Anti-Virus 8.0.234 Build 1426 (multilang)

download AVG Anti-Virus 8.0.234 Build 1426 with Firewall (multilang)

download SilentKillerFix

Njoy !! any question post to us!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

How To Remove "me_cute.exe"

Sistem Os anda telah dimasuki Virus jika anda terpaksa menggunakan Task Manager - Run - explorer.exe = utk masuk ke windows..

Virus tersebut adalah me_cute.exe dan dipercayai Made IN S'wak.. [ syabas swkian.. !!]

Sekarang ada orang sarawak yang kecewa kerana tidak
dapat kerja telah mencipta virus yang dinamakan me_cute. Ini cara
memusnahkan dan imune sistem anda.

Sintom jangkitan:

1. Windows masuk, tetapi cuma ada wallpaper.

2. Ada screen memaparkan teks menyatakan kekesalan pencipta virus kerana tidak dapat kerja.

Cara membaiki:

1. Tekan serentak CTRL+ALT+DEL

2. Pilih “Processes”

3. cari nama Image Name lsass.exe

4. Anda akan menjumpai beberapa nama, pilih yang bukan dari SYSTEM

Contohnya, saya sedang guna account Administrator.

Image name User Name

lsass.exe Administrator <— Pilih ini

lsass.exe SYSTEM

5. Right click atas lsass.exe yang anda pilih dan “End Process”

6. Pilih Start>Run

7. Taip “regedit” dan tekan OK.

8. Pilih Edit>Find

9. Taip userinit.exe dan tekan Find Next

Anda akan menemui

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Userinit = C:\WINDOWS\system32userinit.exe,C:\windows\system32\oobe\lsass.exe

10. Right Click pada userinit dan pilih “Modify”

11. Ubah menjadi begini C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.exe,

12. Cari fail ini “C:\WINDOWS\system32\oobe\lsass.exe” dan delete.

13. Selesai.

Cara imune:

Oleh sebab ini virus baru, tiada antivirus dapat menangani masalah ini. Kita kena selesaikan sendiri.

1. Pilih Start>Run

2. Taip cmd dan tekan ok

3. Taip

md %windir%\system32\oobe\lsass.exe

tekan enter

attrib +h +r +s %windir%\system32\oobe\lsass.exe

tekan enter

taip exit

4. Selesai, me_cute tidak akan dapat menjangkiti sistem anda.

Peringatan, langkah-langkah ini mungkin tidak sesuai untuk user biasa, jadi minta bantuan rakan-rakan yang mahir.

Sebarang soalan, boleh post di sini, saya akan cuba membantu.

Pastikan anda pakar dalam bidang registry utk menghapuskan virus kerna kalo salah kot2 kene format jugak windows korang .. good luck

any question ask me!!

Avast! Professional 4.8.1335

Avast! Professional 4.8.1335

Anti-Virus ALWIL Software offers specialized security solutions designed for personal use on individual machines - either at home or in your office. These products combine high performance with exceptional ease of use and outstanding design. avast! antivirus has been awarded the highest "Advanced+" rating following tests carried out by AV-Comparatives.

Avast! 4 Home Edition is a full-featured antivirus package designed exclusively for non-commercial & home use only. Both of these conditions should be met!
avast! 4 Professional Edition is a collection of award winning, high-end technologies that work in perfect synergy, having one common goal: to protect your system and valuable data against computer viruses, spyware and rootkits. It represents a best-in-class solution for any Windows-based workstation. This page demonstrates its most important features and provides links to further resources.

‧ Antivirus kernel
‧ Anti-spyware built-in
‧ Anti-rootkit built-in
‧ Strong self-protection
‧ Simple User Interface
‧ Enhanced User Interface
‧ Resident protection
‧ Script Blocker (Professional Edition only)
‧ P2P and IM Shields
‧ Network Shield
‧ Web Shield
‧ Automatic updates
‧ PUSH updates
‧ Virus Chest
‧ System integration
‧ Command-line scanner
‧ Integrated Virus Cleaner
‧ Support for 64-bit Windows / Vista
‧ Internationalization

avast! 4 Professional antivirus, anti-spyware & anti-rootkit for Windows:
All-inclusive, comprehensive protection avast! 4 Professional Edition includes ANTI-SPYWARE protection, certified by the West Coast Labs Checkmark process, to protect against the latest spyware threats and ANTI-ROOTKIT DETECTION based on the best-in class GMER technology, built into the scan engine.

Simple to use and fully automated - Automatic incremental updates provide real-time protection of your system, including web surfing. We've made avast! antivirus as simple to use as possible, while allowing full control of your security.

Tried and Trusted - With over 60 million users of avast!, you can rest assured that you are using one of the most tried and trusted antivirus products in Windows security. avast! supports more MS Windows versions (from Windows 95 to Vista 64-bit) than any other anti-malware product.



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