Saturday, January 21, 2012

Megaupload Shut Down || Megaupload Ditutup

Megaupload Shut Down || Megaupload Ditutup

AS tutup laman Megaupload  

MCLEAN, Amerika Syarikat (AS) - Salah sebuah laman perkongsian fail yang popular di dunia, telah ditutup.
Pengasas laman itu dan beberapa pegawai syarikat laman berkenaan dituduh menyediakan kemudahan kepada berjuta-juta muat turun filem, muzik dan kandungan lain secara haram.
Satu pendakwaan oleh pihak berkuasa AS kelmarin menuduh laman berkenaan menyebabkan para pemilik hak cipta kerugian sekurang-kurangnya AS$500 juta (RM1.5 bilion).
Menurut Jabatan Keadilan AS dalam satu kenyataan, Kim Schmitz atau lebih dikenali sebagai Kim Dotcom, 37, yang merupakan pengasas dan kini Ketua Pegawai Inovatif laman itu serta tiga lagi kakitangan laman berkenaan telah ditangkap kelmarin di New Zealand atas permintaan beberapa pegawai AS.
Schmitz merupakan seorang jutawan Jerman. Baca Selanjutnya di Kosmo Online - Dunia

 Megaupload shutdown raises new Internet-sharing fears

By Cecilia Kang, Saturday, January 21, 9:27 AM

The Justice Department’s shutdown of the popular file-sharing site Mega­ reverberated across the Internet on Friday, sparking fresh questions for major Web companies while rattling millions of users of sites like it.
Although federal authorities said was part of an international criminal ring, the practice of providing digital “lockers” so people can store and share their photos, movies, songs and the rest of their digital lives is very common. Sites such as Facebook, Dropbox, YouTube and YouSendIt can be used to swap both legitimate and pirated content.

Megaupload allegedly took the practice to a new level of criminality. Federal prosecutors said the firm paid users to upload illegal movies and music and tried to hide the practice. The investigators said its executives used their ill-gotten gain for a lavish lifestyle, adding that they confiscated dozens of luxury autos, including a Rolls-Royce with the plate “GOD” owned by site founder Kim Schmitz, who also goes by the name Kim Dotcom. Read More @

Megaupload Shutdown Inspires Hack Attack

Anonymous takes down websites for Department of Justice, Universal Music Group.

Shortly after federal officials took action against the file-sharing Megaupload site on Thursday, the hacktivist group Anonymous launched a series of online actions to protest the shutdown.
In what experts are calling the largest series of hack attacks in history, the faceless global organization of Internet activists claimed responsibility for taking down the websites of the U.S. Department of Justice and the world's biggest record label, Universal Music Group, along with the sites for the Recording Industry Association of America, the Motion Picture Association of America, the U.S. Copyright Office and the Utah Chiefs of Police Association. The organization also threatened a similar action against the FBI's website.
At press time, the Universal and Utah Chiefs sites appeared to still be down, while the others had restored service. The MPAA issued a statement on Thursday about the hack. "Our website and many others, including the Department of Justice, were attacked today and the hacker group Anonymous is claiming responsibility for the attacks," it read. "We are working with law enforcement authorities to identify those responsible. Unfortunately, some groups believe that speech or ideas that they disagree with should be silenced. This could not be more wrong. No matter the point of view, everyone has a right to be heard. The motion picture and television industry has always been a strong supporter of free speech. We strongly condemn any attempts to silence any groups or individuals ... protecting copyrights and protecting free speech go hand in hand."
In response to the takedowns, the Twitter feed associated with Anonymous posted the group's manifesto: "We are Anonymous, We are legion, We never forgive, We never forget, Expect us." In a later communiqué, the group wrote, "The government takes down Megaupload? 15 minutes later Anonymous takes down government & record label sites.". Read More @

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