Friday, December 26, 2008


Intel recently joined forces with online bulk discount store,, to run the Jom Jimat campaign.

Aiming at making the desktop PC more affordable the Jom Jimat @ campaign can potentially give you up to RM600 in savings when purchasing a computer.

Using the bulk buy system, vendors are able to pass on savings to the consumer if a minimum quantity of pre-configured systems are sold through the website.

For example, the highest end system available via this promotion retails at RM4699. To obtain RM600 of savings, 15 units of this system must be ordered via To place your order, simply pay a (Ed: thanks for pointing that out) refundable RM50 "ordering fee" and hang tight. Once the remaining 14 units have been booked/sold, the price for this system is reduced to RM4099.

For more information on this campaign, log on to
sory guys BI version...aku g terkial2 tuka ke bhs swk tok

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